Personalised Education

Personalised Education is at the heart of Britannica International School Shanghai. With a school population that is small in size compared to many other premier league Shanghai International Schools, we are able to adapt and provide for the individual needs of each and every child in our care.

  • Setting appropriate but challenging targets for each individual
  • The use of effective assessment to create baselines and appropriate learning programmes
  • The celebration of internationalism and student diversity
  • Providing opportunities for pupils to explore, discover and develop individual talents
  • A differentiated Mandarin programme across all year groups, catering native speakers to first time learners
  • A tailored World Languages programme for 1st 2nd and 3rd language learners
  • Classroom technology and resources that encourage and allow pupil-centred learning to take place
  • Small classes and close personal mentoring ensuring each child reaches and exceeds their personal targets