In our last fully week at school there has been a bustle of energy and learning going on. See below all that has been happening in each year group:


Pre-Nursery ventured off into the garden this week with the rhyme ‘Mary, Mary quite contrary’. We identified the different items that Mary had in her garden and explored how she placed them all in a row.

During play and carpet sessions Pre-Nursery enjoyed learning about flowers, the colours of them and how they grow. There has been fun by all as we counted petals, ordered flowers and used our Interactive Whiteboard to place items in the garden.

Through movement and actions, we role-played planting and growing flowers and used our lovely garden small world to pretend to be gardeners. I think we definitely have some gardening careers ahead for some of our Pre-Nursery children!


Ships A’ Hoy! What a fun filled week in Nursery as we dove straight into our new book, Pirates Love Underpants.

It’s a funny story about a hunt for some interesting treasure. Children followed map directions to X marks the spot and used descriptive words to describe our interesting pirate characters.

As part of our science investigation we investigated the power of the wind to propel our large pirate ships forward across the seas and held a large sail in our hands to catch the wind and feel the momentum we could harness.

Our pirates love underpants so we designed our own pants and found matching pairs to hang on our clothesline, carefully pegging them together.

Children role played the activities of a pirate, looked for treasure and got creative making pirate hats with cross bone and skull symbol!

Nursery children explored the “t” sound this week and there was much laughter finding rhyming treasure!


It has been another wonderfully busy week in Reception! The children have been working hard during phonics sessions to practice using the sounds oa, oi and ow.

Together we read the story, ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff,’ working as sound detectives to spot the /oa/ sound before the children used their amazing acting skills to retell the story.

In Maths this week we have been learning all about symmetry. Reception made some fantastic symmetrical patterns on their peg boards, using shapes and even made some symmetrical pictures of their own.

During Topic we were challenged to make a trap to catch the Gingerbread Man as he has been taking all of the bread! The children had lots of fun designing and making some very impressive traps.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Dragon Boat Festival and we look forward to our last few days at school next week.

Isla Gillespie

Head of Early Years