Since we can’t have parents in school to attend our annual Winter Concerts, we have been busy rehearsing and recording our musical numbers ready to share with parents later next week. So do keep an eye out for this next week. However, we haven’t let this get in the way of our learning…

Year 1 have been carrying out different activities in Maths this week as they consolidate the new concepts they have learnt this term. In History, they have been designing a toy for the future using what they know about toys from now and the past.

In English, Year 2 have been working hard to write their imaginative stories about an animal that lives under the stairs! They have spent time editing their pieces, checking for full stops and capital letters and including interesting adjectives. In Art, the children have been putting the finishing touches to their clay fruit and vegetable sculptures and using acrylic paint to add further detail.

It continues to be all about Ancient Egypt in Year 3. The children were amazed at how heavy water can be, so they have discussed the best way to transport water. They looked carefully at how the Ancient Egyptians did it and then built a shaduf. In English they are using all their knowledge to write a nonfiction report about Cleopatra. They are thinking carefully about the lay out and how they are presenting this. In maths the children have continued studying measurement and have been working out how to convert cm to mm and kg to grams.

Year 4 have been reading and changing parts of comics in order to create their own comics. They have been learning all about the features of a comic like captions, speech bubbles, thought bubbles, movement lines and sound words and inputting them into their own comics. In maths they have started a new topic; multiplications. Starting with halving and doubling and moving on to using the grid method to work out calculations. In ICT they have been having fun on Kahoot, answering quiz questions. Next week they will be moving on to creating little quizzes to share with each other.

Year 5 have been working hard in groups this week to create a non-chronological report based on Ancient Rome. The children have really enjoyed working as part of a team and showing off everything they have learnt in their humanities lessons over the past few weeks. In Mathematics, they have continued tackling fractions by looking at fractions of amounts, fraction word problems and equivalent fractions.

Whilst Year 6 have been reading Michael Morpurgo's War Horse, throughout this term, and have used this as an opportunity to broaden their knowledge of world history, their empathetic view of living beings, as well as improving their own reading and writing skills by taking examples from the writer's craft. Year 6 have used their study of War Horse to write creatively about the experiences of German soldiers in World War One, in order to help them appreciate the idea that wars are human tragedies which affect everyone in the same ways, as opposed to being battles of good vs evil. This week the class have been creating their own short narrative of a day in a German soldier's life during World War One. The students have really utilised the sophisticated vocabulary from the book and incorporated it into their writing, which has really improved their stylistic expression, well done Year 6!

Indeed, well done to everyone on another successful week!

Miss Katherine Mustoe

Vice-Principal and Head of Primary

Winter Concert Performance from Primary