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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) FAQs iconCOVID-19 (Coronavirus) FAQs

To prospective parents

Q:When will the school open?

Britannica International School, Shanghai has opened to students in certain year groups. On May 18th, students in Year 4 and above will also be able to return to school and resume their in-class lessons. A review of an open date for all other year groups will also be conducted in Mid-May.

Q:Can I pay a visit to the school?

The school will remain closed to all visitors until further notice.

Q:How can I make an enquiry about the school before the school fully re-opens?

You are welcome to click here and leave your details. Our Admissions team will be in contact soon and provide you with comprehensive information regarding the school and our admission process.

Q: Can I speak with one of the Senior Leadership Team members before the school fully re-opens?

Yes, you can, through an arrangement with our Admissions team.

Q:Can I make an application to the school before the school fully re-opens?

Yes, we continue to welcome registrations for students to join us.

Q:Is it possible for my child to receive a school offer during this period?

On submission of all relevant documentation and discussion with our Admissions team, we will be in a position to make offers for student places.

To current parents

Q:Is the stability of school staff affected by the virus?

Nearly all Britannica staff have returned back to Shanghai and completed their 14-day self-quarantine. This ensures that our school will continue to operate with a fully functioning workforce.

Britannica International School, Shanghai is now open to certain year groups. As part of our commitment to providing the best of British education, we are now providing a blended programme of in-school teaching and online learning. Students in specific year groups have returned to school and enjoyed class teaching, while students awaiting confirmation of a return date have continued their studies through state-of-the-art e-learning.

Q:How confident can I be to return to the school?

Individuals always have to make a personal assessment of their family’s wellbeing in such situations. The school would only open when we are certain of high levels of safety and security on-site.

Q:Does the school know how many parents will return to the school after the school re-opens?

Many of our students remain in Shanghai and are looking forward to returning to school. Parents holding a foreign passport who are still outside China, are monitoring the current situation, and plan to return when there is an update from the government regarding the country's re-opening to foreign nationals.

In the current situation, due to current health and safety regulations, all parents and visitors are still asked to refrain from entering the school until further notice.

About security

Q:How does the school react to COVID-19 in terms of hygiene and security?

Campus hygiene and personnel health screening is our priority at this time.

Q:How does the school check the health status of its staff?

Staff are registered and health screened on entering the school premises and daily communications are kept with all staff to ensure their health and safety.

Q:Is there anyone affected by the virus in the school community? If so, how many?

There are currently no students or staff affected by the virus in our school community.

Q:What happens if someone in the school community catches the virus?

Any personnel suspected of having symptoms of the virus is not allowed on the school campus.

Q:How does the school clean its facilities?

Deep cleaning of the school is carried out every day, and ongoing disinfectant of areas throughout the working day. The school is kept well ventilated.

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