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Highlight of our e-learning Activities iconHighlight of our e-learning Activities

During this challenging period, learning never stops for Britannica! Our teachers are as committed as they are experienced to deliver the best online learning experiences they can. Our students, whilst in the safe and comfortable environments of their homes across the world, are learning a great deal as well as having fun!

Here are highlights:

E-learning highlights 17th, Feb - whole school
E-learning highlights 20th, Feb -
whole school
E-learning highlights 24th, Feb - whole school

E-learning highlights 28th, Feb - EYFS&Primary

E-Learning report from FlashAcademy®

E-learning highlights 6th, Mar - Primary

E-Learning highlights 13th, Mar - EYFS & Primary

Mandarin E-Learning 16th, Mar - whole school

A summary article about the E-Learning success at Britannica

Concord Online Music Learning Programme

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