The children have continued to show great enthusiasm and curiosity towards their learning in the last week of this half term. We have been very proud of all that they have achieved in such a short time and wish you all a wonderful break.


Pre-Nursey have continued to enjoy the story, ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear,’ with our focus this week being colours. We have consolidated animal names as we re-read the story and identified the colours of each animal, putting together two words to say what they could see. During our activities this week we have been naming the colours that we see, such as ‘brown, red, green and yellow’ and we have been matching coloured objects to the correct coloured splat.


This week Nursery explored the different homes that animals might live in. We focused on animals that live in hot and dry places. We especially enjoyed learning about camels. Nursery learnt a new song about a camel who has a very beautiful hat and many friends.

Nursery went on to paint and decorate hats of their own and created some camel art pictures.

In Maths, we have been comparing sizes, we have talked about tall, short and long animals.

Another busy week of learning for Nursery!


This week in Reception we continued our journey through Space! The children went on an adventure as they explored the Solar System, naming and describing the planets and talking about what they could see – we used amazing adjectives! In Phonics we practiced identifying and using the letter sounds, ‘t’ and ‘p’ along with the tricky word, ‘no.’

During Maths we caught stars and counted these before finding one more and one less than a number; the children enjoyed taking their learning outdoors ordering number lines and jumping along to find different numbers.