On behalf of Britannica’s staff team, I would like to welcome all current and prospective parents to our school website. Our mission is to serve our pupils and their parents to the best of our abilities and in so doing use our expertise to deliver the very best of British education to Shanghai’s expatriate families. I hope our website gives a clear picture of how we do this at Britannica.

Nothing beats seeing us in reality though, and we always welcome interested parents and visitors to make an appointment to enable my team to show you around our school and see us in action.

Britannica is a lovely school, both aesthetically and in the warm, friendly atmosphere that fills the corridors and classrooms. Children and teachers love working here. New pupils quickly settle, welcomed by their peers and mentored by caring and skilled teachers, nearly all of whom are British and have been trained in the UK.

Our school is enviably one of the best located in the city. Being relatively small compared to some of the very large Shanghai schools, we can also guarantee that your child will be known by all, have access to a curriculum that matches their individual needs, have full use of all our excellent facilities and have far more opportunities due to less competition from peers.

We know your child is special and we know that you have the highest aspirations for their happiness and future success. Britannica’s students will be the leaders of tomorrow, global citizens and will attend world class universities and it is our aspiration to enable them to achieve that.

Principal, Britannica International School, Shanghai