We are pleased to announce the launch of our first-ever online Science Fair Competition.

You are warmly invited to be part of this groundbreaking experience.

Inspired by Science Week in the UK, the theme for Science Fair is “Our diverse world”; celebrating the amazing diversity we see across the globe. From biodiversity to cultural and societal diversity, from the diversity of knowledge to STEM careers and subjects. There are no limits to the possibilities for discovery and it is our pleasure to present our findings to you, through our Science Web Portal.


Through the portal, our courageous competitors will showcase their learning.

You can be part of the experience by voting for your favorite experiment, as students compete for an incredible range of prizes.

Science Fair Individual Competition

The prizes for the 2020 Science Fair Competition will be awarded based on how well the students have planned and executed the Scientific Method.

The following prizes will be judged by the Britannica Science Department:

Science Fair House Competition

To encourage a friendly sense of competition amongst our scientists, House points will be awarded based on your vote.

People’s Choice Award

The People’s Choice award will be voted for by you and awarded to the student whose project receives the most votes.

Join our students as they explore the mysteries of the universe, develop their own experiments and attempt to unlock the answer to fantastic questions, including:

  • How does mass effect how far an object travels?
  • How does the temperature of a liquid affect how fast it takes for an object to sink?
  • How does temperature affect bamboo’s rate of growth?
  • Do potatoes have energy?

Results will be announced on Tuesday, 30thJune with an award ceremony taking place shortly after.

We hope you can support Britannica students in their scientific endeavors and have your say in Britannica’s first-ever virtual Science Fair Competition.

Click the Button or Scan the QR Code in the Poster Below to Vote