Children are one of the most sensitive groups at risk for health effects from air pollution. At Britannica, ensuring the health and wellbeing of our students will always be the school’s top priority.

The Air Quality Index, or AQI, is one of the key factors which guide our decision making regarding the safety of outdoor activities for students.

Studies by the US Environmental Protection Agency have shown, exposure to PM2.5 is considered safe, so long as its level does not go over 35 μg/m3 within a day or the yearly average come out to 12 μg/m3 per day.

We have measured PM2.5 in 20 locations across the campus each day this week with an average reading of 6.2, which is significantly lower than the minimum value suggested by the US Environmental Protection Agency’s national ambient ait quality standards.

We will continue our daily air quality monitoring across campus to ensure a healthy, high-quality learning environment for our students.