Dear Parents,

We are pleased to report that we had a successful pre-opening safety inspection by the Hongqiao town education committee yesterday. This successful inspection will now allow us permission to apply for opening dates from the district education committee.

We anticipate, pending confirmation, that we will be allowed to start opening from 6th May. We also expect, pending verification, that we will be requested to have a staggered start, with older year groups re-starting first.

Our teachers are ready to teach your children as soon as they return. For those children who do not immediately return, we will continue to provide them with e-learning.

I wish all families an enjoyable holiday weekend, how and wherever you are spending it. We remind parents, though, your children will not be allowed out of shanghai for the fourteen days immediately before re-starting school, so please plan your weekend accordingly. Today will be the last day of e-learning this week and will resume on Monday, 4th May.

I will update parents as soon as I have open dates.


Mr. David Goodwin