Dear Parents,

I hope this message finds your family well and safe at this challenging time.

Britannica continues to respond to challenges to our students’ education presented by the outbreak of the Coronavirus in China.

We thank you for all the support and communication that you have currently given. Our communications continue to show that staff and students are safe and well, and that there are no reported cases of the Coronavirus within our school community.

School Opening Dates

On Wednesday, 5th February, we were informed by the local authorities, that along with all other schools in Shanghai, we must remain closed to students until the end of February. Our new planned opening date is therefore Monday, 2nd March.

We are currently seeking clarification of self-quarantine periods that may be applied to those within our school community who are returning to Shanghai. We will update you on this matter as soon as we have received further official guidance.

School Site Security

This week the school has been closed to all visitors and non-essential staff. Continuous cleaning has been taking place and tight security has been in operation at the school gate. Ongoing daily deep cleaning will commence from this weekend, in preparation for some staff returning on Monday, 10th February. All personnel will be health screened and will need to register at the gate before entering the school site. Non-staff personnel will not be allowed on campus. Parents with concerns or questions should contact the school by telephone or email.

Student Learning

Our Early Years, Primary and Secondary leadership teams are all currently working on plans to ensure effective remote E-Learning is provided for all students from next week, and for the foreseeable future until normal school routines are re-established.

Communications between yourselves, your children and their teachers will be vital during this E-Learning period, and we will set up communication channels to ensure this is effective.

All students from Reception to Year 13 have access to remote learning online platforms, and we will be utilising these to deliver learning opportunities. Pre-Nursery and Nursery Teachers will be providing alternative creative options for you to use with your children at home.

On Monday, 10th February, our teachers will be in contact with you, giving details of the remote E-Learning process that is planned for your child.

Moving Forward

The school will continue to adapt its response plans to any changing situation in Shanghai, and keep all parents informed of any changes. Once teachers have returned, we will be looking at other opportunities that we can provide to help support students’ learning.

We continue to send our best wishes to all our Britannica community.

David Goodwin