Dear Parents,

I hope this letter continues to find your family safe and well at this challenging time. We are pleased to report that all messages from staff and parents indicate that there remains no reported case of the Coronavirus within our school community.

Remote E-Learning

On Monday, we started our provision of E-learning for your children. All students have now received a variety of daily activities in which to participate. Our teachers have been delighted to receive the positive and constructive work completed by students, so that they can then provide useful feedback to them. We have been very impressed by the active participation of many students.

These first few E-learning days, have been partly used by our teachers to explore different styles of learning activity for your child. Our teachers are noting which ones have been more accessible, successful, and easier for children to understand and complete, and what others have been more challenging.

Teams of teachers have been meeting today to discuss the feedback from students and parents, to see how they can further improve the ease with which your child can successfully access and achieve success with the learning material in future days.

We are also aware of the language challenges for some of our students and their parents, and we are taking this into consideration as we adapt and further improve learning tasks for the future.

School Opening Dates

The current planned date for school re-opening remains as Monday, 2nd March. Teachers, who are working from outside China, are currently planning to have returned to Shanghai in preparation for that date. We are aware that the authorities are continually reviewing this open date, and if regulatory changes to that take place, we will let parents know.

A number of parents have asked for clarification regarding self-quarantining on arrival back in China. For students, this currently appears to be very dependent on the local community in which you reside within Shanghai. Some local communities are enforcing a self-quarantine period of 14 days for anyone returning from outside Shanghai. Parents are advised to contact their local community management office to seek clarification for their particular area of residence.

School Site Security

This week the school has remained closed to all parents, visitors and non-essential staff. Ongoing cleaning has been taking place and tight security has been in operation at the school gate. All personnel who have been working in school have been health screened and registered at the gate before entering the school site.

Moving Forward

The school will continue to adapt its response plans to any changing situation in Shanghai, and keep all parents informed of any changes. We continue to send our best wishes to all our Britannica community.