Dear Parents,

I hope this letter continues to find your family safe and well. We continue to update you on regulatory advice from the local authorities and the school’s response plan to the current challenges we are experiencing.

Self-Quarantine for returning students

Authority regulations now require all students returning to Shanghai, to undergo a fourteen-day self-quarantine period, similar to school staff, before they return to school. Parents making arrangements to return to Shanghai should plan for a fourteen-day home self-quarantine period for their child before they allow them to attend school.

The authorities have issued an official document that will need to be completed and signed by parents regarding the health status and travel history of their child during the outbreak period. We will share this with our parents when we have a confirmed open date.

Forthcoming School holidays

To provide additional learning opportunities for students within school, the school has reviewed the forthcoming pre-arranged school holidays.

It has decided to move the planned 12 working days available in the April and May holidays to now coincide with the school closure period. When school re-opens, it will now run straight through until the summer holiday.

The last 12 working days, before the school re-opening, will be considered to be school holidays, and no E-learning will take place in this period. This period will also coincide with when returning teachers may be challenged with access to E-learning resources, because of traveling back to the city and undergoing self-quarantine restrictions.

This decision will also allow all students and teachers to refresh at the end of this challenging period, ready for a return to school.

Moving Forward

Advice from the local authorities is that schools must plan for E-learning for at least the start of March, pending a final decision by them on when schools may re-open.

We will continue to uphold our promise to give parents and staff a three-weeks notice period of any finally confirmed school open date, so that arrangements for a return to Shanghai can be made.

The school will continue to adapt its response plans to any changing situation in Shanghai and keep all parents informed of any changes.

We continue to send our best wishes to all our Britannica community.

David Goodwin