Saturday 7th March 2020

Dear Parents,

I hope this letter continues to find you and your family safe and well.

School Re-opening

The Shanghai Education Authority has still not declared an opening date for schools. We are aware that a declaration of opening dates has been released in some other Chinese provinces, and one international school in Shanghai has already communicated an opening date. Until the official announcement by the Shanghai Education Authority, Britannica remains reluctant to declare our school opening date.

In preparation for the school opening, we have started to recall those teachers who are currently residing outside China, back to Shanghai. This recall will ensure their arrival back in Shanghai and the completion of the fourteen-day school quarantine by the time schools eventually open.

We remind all parents that their children will also require a fourteen-day quarantine from school after arriving back in Shanghai, and before attendance after re-opening.


After another successful week of E-learning, I was pleased to receive positive feedback on student engagement and the positive support and responses that the school has received from parents. I continue to extend my thanks to our teachers, for ensuring quality learning is being consistently provided to students across the school. I would also like to praise the efforts being made by parents in overcoming any challenges they are experiencing in supporting their children at this time. By working together, we can ensure that good learning continues for your children.

We will continue to update parents as we respond further to the current situation. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the new WeChat posts this week, that show some of the great work being carried out by teachers and children during this E-learning time.

David Goodwin