KS2 Music E-Learning

Students in KS2 are currently completing "The 1-Minute Music Challenge"(1分钟音乐挑战) in which they must upload a 1-minute performance and assess/give feedback to their peers.

Here is a fantastic performance recorded by Oscar in 5A

Artworks from different Year Groups

2C artworks

2E artwork


Year 3 Selected artwork: Monet's work - paints technique

Year 5 exploring the work of Hneri Rousseau - Experimenting with mixed media techniques

Year 6 - exploring the Op Art - drawing illusions

Year 2 E-Learning

Year 2 were set the task of drawing a strange and wonderful creature (2年级任务-画一个奇异的海底生物) that they had to label using some of the adjectives the had learnt in previous lessons. After doing that they then wrote a short description about the sea monster.

Work from 2B

Work from 2D

Work from 2E

Year 4 E-Learning

Over the past month Year 4 students have been engaging creatively and thoughtfully with their E-Learning. In English, the students have been sequencing and exploring the features of instructional texts based on 'How to wash your hands'. Students were then asked to create an instructional video using the features such as adverbs, imperative verbs and technical vocabulary. It has been fantastic to see the students develop their hand-washing technique and learn how to keep themselves safe in light of the Covid-19 virus (4年级学生们精进正确的洗手方法,以确保在疫情期间保持良好的卫生习惯). These are valuable life-long skills which the children will pass onto others and carry well into their future.

In the Spring term Year 4 have been learning about digestion, teeth, healthy eating and recipe writing. When exploring the importance of keeping teeth and gums healthy (研究对于保持牙龈健康的重要性), students conducted an experiment at home, testing how different liquids cause tooth decay. Students soaked eggs (to represent the teeth) in 3 different liquids, and made predictions about what would happen to the egg shell. Take a look at Jake's brilliant scientific set-up at home (视频为Jake在家中的实验)!

As our children learn from home, it is ever more important to ensure their learning reflects relevant and meaningful real-life situations. In Year 4 English, linking with their scientific learning on digestion, students have been exploring recipe writing (4年级的英语课则和消化这一主题相关,并学习如何写菜谱). Students were asked to choose a recipe and record the steps they took to create their dish. It has been wonderful seeing the children enjoy preparing healthy meals at home, understanding the importance of a balanced Eatwell plate.

Year 5 Maths E-Learning