'Britannica International School, Shanghai, has been swift in adapting to a remote E-Learning model as the school remains closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak...'

Flash Academy® has published an article well demonstrating how Britannica, during this special period, has effectively employed virtual education as an alternative to face to face teaching. Parents are welcome to click here and read the full article.

As usual, we would also like to keep you updated on our students' recent e-learning results. Please continue to read and enjoy!

KS2 Music E-Learning

Scarlett (4A) playing the violin in response to the Music tasks this week

Jess (6B) has created a graphic score in response to a piece of music called Pachelbel's Canon.

Advert Writing E-Learning

The video below features our 5B student, Matteo, which is one of our brilliant examples of the engaging and interactive e-learning in response to the following practice.

‘As part of our Space topic, children have written a persuasive advert focusing on their choice of space race invention (学写一段和太空竞赛发明相关的广告词).

In Humanities, we researched the various inventions, giving children an opportunity to see modern day applications of NASA inventions. In English, children learned persuasive language, such as rhetorical questions and persuasive openers, and wrote a script for their persuasive advert.

Once their scripts were written, children planned and performed their advert, posting their videos on Seesaw. The final task has been commenting on each other’s work, with children assessing their peer’s videos against success criteria.’

Year 1 Story Creation E-Learning

Over the past few weeks in Year 1, we have been looking at traditional tales (学习经典故事), in particular 'Goldilock's and the three bears'. After delving into that tale, we asked the children to create their own characters, setting and story (创造他们自己的故事、人物和背景). Attached are two of exellent stories written by 1A students.