Dear Parents,

We were delighted today to welcome back all year groups into school.

After rigorous in-school preparation and stringent health screening at the gate and before students joined buses, all our teachers finally got to enjoy seeing their students face-to-face in the classroom. Children were happy and delighted to be back in school, working in class with their teachers and friends. Within an hour after starting, the school was full of its usual energy with year groups busily engaged in learning tasks.

Social distancing was in place throughout the school, and all students had designated seats in their classrooms, with a timetable that creates reduced movement around the school. Continued monitoring of student health took place throughout the day, with close supervision by administrative and academic staff while children learned and played.

The local authorities were keenly observing procedures at the gate this morning, taking notes and photos of us carrying out the regulatory requirements for allowing students and staff on-site. They were pleased with what they saw.

When we open again tomorrow, I remind parents of the importance of arriving on time. Late arrivals make our health screening more challenging. I also remind parents to ensure they keep themselves and their child at least 1m away from other parents and children before we have screened them.

We thank parents for accommodating the need to remain off-site, and Britannica staff were happy to help children through the screening procedures and into their classrooms this morning.

Prompt pick-up times in the afternoons are also important. For parents of bus children, we ask that you are at the pick-up point on-time in the mornings and afternoons, as the busy routes and extra health checks will already increase travelling time for your children.

Together, we can continue to make Britannica a healthy and safe environment for your children to learn.


David Goodwin


What has happened today

Upon Students' Arrival

  • Temperature monitoring and registration at the gate
  • Health screening by the school nurse
  • Guidance regarding hands-washing

Class Activities

  • EYFS
  • Primary
  • Secondary