After months of thorough preparations during the summer holiday, we are delighted to share the news that the school has gained full consent to reopen our popular After-School Activity programme. This achievement is a recognition of our stringent health and safety procedures and continual work to ensure the school is safe for all students and staff.

A more varied selection to meet the needs and interests of all students
From this week, with 100% of our teachers in Shanghai, our ASA programmes resume, running four days a week, with an increased variety of choices, from STEM projects such as robotics, Minecraft for Education, and Mad Science, to Arts projects including Art Exhibition, Ballet, and Photography, to name a few. Please find below some examples amongst over 100 choices of ASA programmes this term.

Some examples of ASA programmes for Term 1

We aim for continual improvement

Moving forward, we welcome any feedback or suggestions on the ASA programme, as we aim to improve and personalise our parents' experience in Term 2 and beyond.

Britannica’s ASA programmes in summary

The Best of British Education at Britannica provides a comprehensive cross-curricular and co-curricular programme emulating the best provision found in the UK independent school sector. We offer a unique After School Activities (ASAs) programme, which supports and expands the timetabled curriculum. With our teachers offering specialist activities and some carefully chosen partners who offer professional or specialised training sessions, we can provide for all students' interests and talents. Britannica is the only international school in Shanghai offering a full week of after school activities to all students in Reception to Year 13.