'Britannica's Key Stage 2 Virtual Orchestra presents, the Star Wars Theme by John Williams.

Pupils in KS2 were given the opportunity to record a part to contribute to the virtual orchestra at home. They were sent the sheet music and audio tracks to practice and record. These tracks were then put together in the music department.

Pupils who were involved are:

Jacky Wang - Year 3A on piano and violin

Steven Hsieh - Year 3A on cello

Sherui Phoo - Year 3B on piano

Ella Kim - Year 4A on piano

Laney Huang - Year 4B on piano

Nobuhito Nakamura - Year 4B on piano

Vittoria Ritzu - Year 4B on flute

Biah Kim - Year 5B on violin

The pupils have done an outstanding job of learning, practicing and recording their parts and have shown amazing dedication and skill. Well done KS2 Virtual Orchestra!

Please enjoy the video below:

For parents not able to access the above video on our Youtube Channel, please click here to access it on Youku.