During the Coronavirus Outbreak, our admissions work never stops. In fact, we have seen a slight increase in the number of admissions enquiries. This is a recognition of the strong Health and Safety measures that we are taking, and also a recognition of the successful e-learning that we are providing. We thank our parents for their trust and loyalty.

On 7th and 21st of March, we held 2 Virtual Open Days online as a response to the increasing number of enquiries. The video we released in the events contains clips of the Principal's bilingual introduction of our school, as well as messages from the Head of Early Years and House Coordinator. It also contains several scenes showing Britannica's vibrant activities. Today, we release a clip of this video for your reference. If you're interested, please register for the next Virtual Open Day on 8th, April where we'll release a brand new video. Details of that event can be found at the bottom of this article.

A brand new Virtual Open Day will take place on 8th, April. Apart from our normal school introduction and Q&A sessions, this event will be the first ever where all of our Senior Leaders will present. The event is suitable for all students aged 2-18, from Early Years to Secondary.

To register, you can either scan the QR code in the following picture or click the button below.