Dear Parents,

We hope that our parents, their children, extended family and friends, are all safe and well, whether in Shanghai or still overseas.

All teaching and administrative Britannica staff are healthy and have now completed their Shanghai quarantine if they have recently arrived from overseas.

Britannica staff are all ready to operate a fully functioning school as soon as we are allowed to re-open. The only thing we now wait on is permission from the education authority.

Staff proactiveness in returning to Shanghai, has ensured that we are one of the very few international schools in the city with a workforce that will enable a fully functioning open school, if re-opening dates are soon declared.

The school will re-open as soon as we are given permission, even if this is within three weeks.

  • On re-opening, we will provide a blended teaching programme of in-school teaching and e-learning. Students in Shanghai will be able to attend school for in-class teaching, while students who remain outside Shanghai will continue to have access to learning through e-teaching.
  • On re-opening, students within Shanghai will also have access to the e-learning programme, and if their parents wish, they may extend their school day or use their weekends to access these tasks to increase their learning opportunities.
  • On re-opening, the academic school day on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday will be extended by one hour, by removing the After School Activity programme. Academic lessons will be provided from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm in Reception to Year 13. Over the Summer Term, this has the potential to make up the equivalent of nine teaching days.
  • Soon after school re-opens, we will invite all interested Key Stage One students (Years 1 and 2) to attend FREE Saturday School. The focus of these Saturday morning sessions will be on English teaching, along with some sport activities. These sessions will be taught by Britannica Teachers.
  • After re-opening, students in Key Stage One, who provisionally were in our EAL programme in the Spring Term, will receive FREE in-class EAL support by our EAL Teachers during the remainder of Summer Term.
  • The April and May holidays have already been removed from the School Calendar, which add a further twelve learning days to the original fifty-one day Summer Term.
  • Students in Key Stage Two (Years 3 to 6), will be offered FREE Summer Camp in the week beginning 6th July. We are currently deciding on the activities that we will provide during this week.
  • Secondary students, who would have originally gone on Study Leave during the examination period in May and June, will remain in school, for in-class teaching.
  • The teaching curriculum in all Year Groups will be adjusted to ensure all students are adequately prepared to graduate into their next Year Group for August 2020.
  • While After School Activities will be removed, Sport Squads and training will still be provided between 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm, for those students who have previously participated in these activities, but will be limited to Key Stage Two and Secondary students.

The school is currently planning the finer details of the above opportunities, and we look forward to providing this extended programme of learning to your children after their return to school.