Keys to instilling the value of effort

Make them feel good and reward their effort. Incentivize their perseverance and give importance to every little achievement. We should celebrate every little decision that takes them a lot of effort.

It’s always good to incorporate stories, as they’re very useful tools when it comes to implementing values since it makes them reflect and apply those feelings to themselves and the real world.

Keys to instilling the value of effort

  • The child should “earn” prizes. It’s not enough to buy just to buy, or give just to give,just because you love them, because they ask for it, or because you feel like it. Everything should have a positive meaning beyond the material.
  • Lead by example. If children see that you make an effort and you value the things that deserve it, they’ll see it as something positive and they’ll do it more easily.

Teach children to be happy, not to be rich

Help them understand that the value of a person is not found in what they have or don’t have on theoutside, but what they have on the inside. Teach them to develop good strategies and skills that helpthem understand who they are in the world. If a child knows how to set limits, manage extremes, and respect themselves, they’ll know to do the same with others.