Sunday 15th March

Dear Parents,

I hope that this letter continues to find you and your family safe and well.

As the Covid-19 situation continues to improve in Shanghai and China, we are planning for eventual school re-opening.

We have requested all teachers to return to Shanghai and to have travel plans in place. Many teachers will be arriving back in the city over the next week. On arrival, all teachers will have a fourteen-day home quarantine, similar to returning parents and children. Teachers will not be allowed back on campus until their quarantine period is complete.

According to the request from Shanghai Education Committee, to ensure your child’s safety on return to Shanghai, all students who have been to other places and returned back to Shanghai need to be in a 14-day observation and fill a registration form that will be shared with you through email.

Please be aware that the form is aim to protect students in Shanghai, and which will guide the education policies for school re-opening. We appreciate it if you could fill the form in carefully, and send it back to Moon Ji at once you arrive in Shanghai.

We are conscious that travel back to Shanghai for students and teachers will make the production and completion of e-learning more challenging. We especially wish to ensure the wellbeing of all returning families and teachers as they travel to and readapt to life in Shanghai. The school has, therefore, decided to implement its previously communicated planned two-week suspension of e-learning provision, from Wednesday, 18th March.

We are aware that some parents will be keen to ensure that their children still have academic activities to occupy them during this period. The school is also mindful that examination groups will need to continue to prepare for their forthcoming Summer examinations. As such, all teachers will be providing 'holiday/revision' work for students to complete in the period 18th to 31st March. Teachers will send work through CANVAS, Seesaw, and Tapestry, as usual, on Monday and Tuesday next week.

Unless the school re-opens on 30th March, regular e-learning provision will recommence on Wednesday, 1st April.

Thank you for your continued support in the education of your child.

Kind Regards,

David Goodwin