Tuesday 24th March

Dear Parents,

I hope that this letter continues to find you and your family safe and well. We are pleased to report that nearly all teachers have now arrived back in Shanghai and are currently completing their self-quarantine. The school will be able to operate with a fully functioning workforce when we re-open.

The school still has not yet received an opening date from the local authorities. We suspect the delay in doing so is reflective of authority concerns regarding imported viruses and their focus on ensuring that these are first contained, before allowing schools to re-open.

The local authority may now give us short notice of an ability to re-open. As a staff, we are ready to open as soon as a date is announced. We strongly suggest to parents who still need to return to Shanghai, that they similarly prepare themselves in order that their child (ren) is healthy and ready to return to school.

The three-week notice that we promised to give parents will remain in force, in terms of either our class tuition or our provision of e-learning. If the school can open within a shorter timeframe than three weeks, after declaring an opening date, we will continue to provide e-learning, as well as classroom learning, for the three-week notice period. This provision will provide all families an opportunity for their children to have continuous learning until they can attend school.

To ensure that your child has travelled back to Shanghai and completed their fourteen-day quarantine, parents should consider making arrangements to return to the city now.

Due to the time-commitments of teachers, the school will be unable to continue to provide e-learning beyond three weeks after an announcement of school opening is declared.

Meanwhile, we plan to resume regular e-learning provision after the current two-week break on Wednesday, 1st April, as an open date for that week is looking unlikely. I will of course continue to update you regularly on developments as and when I receive further information.

Thank you for your continued support in the education of your children.

Kind Regards,

David Goodwin(Principal)