What are parental controls?

A group of settings that put you in control of what content your child can see. Combined with privacy settings these can help you protect your children from the things they shouldn’t see or experience online.

How to set up parental control?

Set up parental controls depending on your devices here:

https://www. internetmatters.org/parental-controls/

Other Strategy:

Teach your children skills like critical thinking and resilience, so they know what do if they encounter risk. Always encourage them to talk to you about anything they find upsetting online.


Find out more guides about parental control features depending on the device: lOS, Android, Win 10, Amazon:www.parents.com/parenting/better-parenting/advice/a-guide-to-parental-controls-by-device/

Teach how to be SMART Online

  • Stay safe
  • Meeting up with strangers is dangerous
  • Accepting files is a big responsibility. Filter them
  • Reliable? Check information before believing in it.
  • Tell someone if something made you feel upset online