Dear Parents,

I am aware of the communications taking place between you regarding the recent release of potential school opening dates from the authorities, so I thought it was best to advise you on our school stance on this.

The current authority release is vague in its applicability to different types of school and year groups. The release explains that further clarity will be provided as the local authorities continue to assess the evolving situation in Shanghai.

While Britannica is aware that other schools have jumped to conclusions, and some have released opening dates to parents and staff, we prefer not to speculate and see no value in that, but to await the promised further clarity from the authorities.

Meanwhile, the school will continue to prepare, as we have already been doing, for re-opening. Our teachers and administration staff are healthy, in Shanghai, and ready to return to school.

Documentation required by the authorities before re-opening is being prepared, as are preparations for the regulations under which we will need to operate after re-opening. Most of what is being currently requested by the authority has already been considered by the school, and has been already strategised due to our ongoing proactive planning.

We will continue to keep parents updated, at the appropriate time, on any further development that they need to know in preparation for re-opening. Meanwhile, it is very encouraging to know that re-opening dates are now being considered by the education authority.

Kind Regards,

Mr David Goodwin