Dear Parents,

Following announcements from both Cambridge and Pearson Edexcel examination boards it has been confirmed there will be no external IGCSE or A Level examinations in May/June 2020.

Please see information below detailing the process to ensure our students are awarded for their on-going efforts in their subjects.

Students will receive grades and recognition for completing the courses of the subjects that they have studied. The grades will be determined and announced at a later date during this academic year. These grades will be awarded by the school. We are working very closely with our examination boards to ensure that the grades will be accredited by both Cambridge and Pearson Edexcel and accepted by universities.

As a school, we will award appropriate grades to the students following a structured, fair and robust evidence-based system that will be quality assured and moderated in line with examination board guidance.

This system will rely upon a range of key data points that are identified to reflect an accurate assessment of each and every student’s progress and attainment at the end of their courses.

We have the data collected from our CAT 4 testing, termly reports and on-going teacher assessment of student work, which we hope will be taken into consideration.

This system of assessment will also be based upon the students past performance in mock examinations alongside their submitted predicted grades.

It is essential students continue to engage with their online learning and independent study to ensure they complete the study of each IGCSE syllabus and continue to gather evidence of their attainment in these subjects.

I will communicate any further guidance from examination boards when I receive this.

These are very strange times indeed and this will be the first time that examinations grades have been awarded without students having to sit any externally set examinations. It is therefore crucial that students are prepared for either sitting the examination or for any other form of assessment that will be reverted to.

Kind regards,

Paul Farrell

Vice Principal and Head of Secondary