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As a parent, it's you who children will look to for help. And, it's up to you to talk to them when you think they might need a nudge in the right direction or to share news or information that's going to affect their life.

Creating the right situation

  • Consider where and when you're going to start it off. It could be good to have it in a relaxed and neutral place like garden, family room, whilst cooking.
  • Unless it's a chat you want to have with more than one child, it's also sensible to have it at a time when brothers and sisters aren't around to interrupt.
  • You could ask other parents you know how they've created the right situation to talk about difficult topics in the past and see if it would work for you too.

Starting the conversation

  • It can a good idea to try to make the conversation relevant in some way.
  • For example, if you 're watching TV together and the on-screen action has something to do with the subject you want to talk about.

Listening is important

  • Start by asking questions that don't just have yes or no answers. This is going to give your child the chance to tell you what you really think.
  • Give them as long as they need to answer without interrupting. They may be nervous or still working out what they really think and that could take a little time.