The British EYFS curriculum enables children to learn through exploration, investigation and in inquisitive ways that supports each child’s interest in learning in exciting ways. Today as I did my daily walk around the department, I saw this fully in action as a group of Reception students were learning about ‘one more’ (a mathematical concept), through building towers using our large bricks in the outdoor area. These opportunities give each child the ability to use their skills in a range of ways and in different context meaning they secure their knowledge and use it in a purposeful way.

Please read below how each of our EYFS year groups have had the opportunity to do this in their learning this week:


Its been a colourful week in Pre-Nursery as the children have explored colour through our topic book ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’. Through sensory, explorative play the children have had the opportunity to identify different colours, naming them and matching items to colour splats around the classroom.

Fun has been had by all, as we used our hands to explore messy coloured spaghetti and squishy paint sensory bags. Along side this Pre-Nursery were introduced to our lightbox where we explored how to change colours and look at colours of different objects as they light from the box shone through.

To round up our colour learning Pre-Nursery have enjoyed singing along to the colourful song ‘I can sing a rainbow’.


Nursery have been helping direct traffic and learning how to use hand directions just like our local Police! Stop! Go! They have been understanding that signs and arrows can provide information and help us find our way.

They have learnt how to identify police in uniform, recognise police choice of vehicles, on horseback and even investigate the work that our police dogs do in helping the community.

In mathematics Nursery have measured heights using our hands, explored capacity and learnt mathematical language to support our understanding.


Reception have been busy this week learning two new sounds, ‘i’ and ‘n’. They have looked at all the different things that begin with the sounds and found out that a lot of us have the sound ‘n’ in our names. Reception have now learnt the sounds ‘s,a,t,p,I,n’ which they can see can make lots of different short words. With this they played blending tiles, making words by jumping on the different sound tiles, and then blending them together to make words including ‘sat, tap, pin, tip, nap, nip, sap and tin’.

In Mathematics this week Reception learnt all about adding one more to a given number. The children had fun with Geraldine the greedy giraffe who is always hungry and always wants one more leaf! They used a number line to see that adding 1 more to a group of objects means that you go up by one on the number line. They also got on the Reception school bus that drove round the class picking up one more child each stop.

Reception learnt all about astronauts in topic lesson, discovering that they need to wear and adult diaper as they spend so much time out in space!

EYFS look forward to what we are going to learn next week!

Isla Gillespie

Head of Early Years