Its been a busy week here in Early Years as the students have been like busy bees learning more and more about the topics they have been focusing on. Please enjoy reading below about each year groups wonderful week.

A reminder to all parents that on Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th October, EYFS teachers will be holding Autumn Term Parents Evening meetings. These are being held via Zoom and will last 10 minutes per meeting. Please do confirm with your child’s class teacher that you are able to attend the meeting time given and they will provide you will an individual Zoom link for your meeting. If you are unable to attend via Zoom at that time, please contact your child’s class teacher.


It has all been about learning to identify our peers this week in Pre-Nursery as we have played fun interactive games to say our friends’ name. We have used pictures of each other to name our friends, guess who Brown Bear can see and also roll a ball to each other while saying our names.

Alongside our naming fun, Pre-Nursery have been consolidating their learning of colours through more matching names and singing along to the song ‘My favourite colour’. It has been fun seeing which colours match and which colour everyone likes.

Next week we will bring all our learning from our topic ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’ together and celebrate all the new words we have learnt throughout the last 6 weeks.


Nursery children fixed broken wings, tended to an elephant with a cold and checked the temperature of a monkey with a high fever! We enjoyed playing Vets and caring for our sick animals. With our help our creature friends felt “much better!” What a helpful and important role our vet plays in the community.

For our mathematics we enjoyed using technology to draw large circles and squares on the interactive smart board using large arm movements and explored these shapes found in the environment. We counted the sides of a square and a triangle and using our fine motor skills practiced drawing straight and curved lines. We made wonderful chalk shapes of art on the outdoor asphalt for all to admire!


What another busy and exciting week we have had in Reception! This week is our final week learning about Space and we have been learning all about stars. We learnt about constellations and created our version of the ‘Saucepan’ and read the story of ‘How to Catch a Star’, where we drew our favourite part of the story and talked about it.

In Phonics we learnt the tricky words ‘go’ and ‘I’ and used these to write simple sentences of our own. In Maths we have been learning about length, we measured lots of classroom objects and even our feet using cubes and found objects that are longer and shorter than a ruler; it was so much fun!

Kind regards,

Miss Isla Gillespie

Head of Early Years