With the weather improving this week there have been smiles all around, with EYFS students being able to learn inside the classroom and outside in our wonderful outdoor learning environments.

Please see below what each year group has been up to:


It has been a noise week in Pre-Nursery as we introduced sound buttons to identify the different animals in ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’. Using this integrated Ed Tech tool has supported the children in understanding key animal noises and them developing their English as we have named the animals in the story. With this noisy fun, we have matched animals from the book, begun to use our voices as we learn new words and enjoyed playing with our Brown Bear visual props.

A highlight for us Pre-Nursery staff was to see the Pre-Nursery children take a huge leap and explore the Library for the first time. The children had the opportunity to visit our Junior Library, have story time with Miss Freda and then select a book to take home and share with parents. Well done Pre-Nursery on this step into the Britannica wider community!


This week children explored the role of the postman! We wrote letters and delivered our mail!

We talked about all the activities we enjoy in the day and nighttime and observed our changing environment across morning into the evening sky. Children loved singing the Up, Up song as we moved our morning sun into the lunch time and afternoon position in the sky.

We all drew a picture of a lovely daytime sky!


It has been another adventurous week in Reception! In Literacy we developed our language comprehension by retelling parts of this week’s class story, ‘The Best Dress Ever.’ The story, which is set in Space, includes repetitive language and the children enjoyed retelling the story orally before creating a story of their own! In Phonics we continued working on phonics by learning the letters ‘t’ and ‘p’.

In Numeracy we had fun learning about 2D shapes. We used words to describe shape properties such as ‘corners’ and ‘sides’ and had a go of guessing different shapes according to this information. We made rockets and even created different shapes using our bodies.

We look forward to continuing our journey through space next week!

What a fantastic learning week here at Britannica EYFS. A reminder to all parents that next week is a short week due to the upcoming Golden Week National holiday. However, there will be lots of learning action taking place so stay tuned to hear more about it in next week’s newsletter.

Isla Gillespie

Head of Early Years