The winter season has quickly drawn upon us and the weather has noticeably become colder. In EYFS we do not let weather heed our learning outdoors and love to continue to experience and explore in our outdoor learning environment throughout all seasons. To ensure this is possible all our students need to be appropriately equipped with clothing for all weathers.

Please can all parents send their child into school with a warm winter coat, hat, scarf, and gloves now that is colder. Having this appropriate clothing will ensure your child is warm during outdoor learning. Along with this all students should have a waterproof jacket and wellington boots at school for those rainy days when so much learning can still take place outside.

Please ensure that all clothing sent in is clearly labeled and thank you for your support in this.

Do continue to read the exciting learning that has taken place throughout our EYFS this week.


Pre-Nursery have been getting all messy this week as we have been learning about the importance of washing hands using the story ‘I don’t want to wash my Hands’ as a stimulus. In this story the Little Princess asks the question ‘Why do I have to wash my hands?’ and in Pre-Nursery we have looked at when we do need to wash our hands to protect us from germs.

There has been fun and delight as the children explored using their hands to create marks in glitter, got all gooey with finger and hand painting and created their own ‘Washing hands ‘display through messy art. Of course, after all this fun we sequenced how to wash our hands, so those horrible germs can stay at bay!

Pre-Nursery are now the experts at washing our hands and we say no to those yucky germs!


This week Nursery have been performing on stage and rehearsing for our Winter Concert! They have been building their confidence and exercising their big voices! Children danced along to “Santa Clause is Coming to Town” and have cleverly learnt most of the words.

It’s all been a bit of drama this week with character role play, dressing up and recalling events of our stories. We have explored characters and talked about how our friends have helped each other keep warm in the Wintery stories read together. There have been lots of laughter and fun as we learn and listen to words that rhyme.

As part of our ongoing development and learning to respond to our body’s needs, we have enjoyed a lovely story about the urgency of visiting the bathroom when nature calls. “Nina Needs to Go” has been a fun addition to our carpet times and children now chant along to, “Don’t wait to go! Go! Go! Go!” We are focusing on taking good care of ourselves, drinking plenty of water, putting our jackets on to keep warm and eating our vegetables so we grow up to be strong superheroes!


This week was another eventful week in Reception.

We learnt all about the annual American celebration of Thanksgiving, it's the origin and how Americans celebrate each year. We discussed the different things we are thankful for in our lives and used our phonics to write a Thanksgiving card, listing all the things we are thankful for.

We continued learning new sounds, this week we focused on 'e' and 'u'. We read lots of different CVC words containing these sounds and found that they are often found in the middle of words.

In mathematics, we had great fun learning all about addition. We learnt the symbol for add and used our fingers to help us add two groups of objects together.

Wishing all our EYFS family’s a wonderful weekend,

Miss Isla Gillespie

Head of Early Years