Another busy week has taken place here in EYFS. There has been big preparations for our Winter Concert alongside our busy learning in class.

On Friday 11th December the whole of EYFS will be performing their Winter Concert in school. Normally we would have parents in to watch our performance, however due to restrictions this year we are unable to. Please do not despair though, as the concert will be filmed and edited then sent out to all our EYFS parents by the end of term. I will be updating all parents with when the filmed concert will be available to all. We look forward to sharing this with you at the end of term.

Please take a look at the exciting learning that has taken place in our EYFS this week:


It has been all about sounds this week in Pre-Nursery. Sounds we make with our voices, objects and sounds we hear. Pre-Nursery spent the week exploring sound in a variety of ways. It has been incredibly noisy as we experimented making sounds with our voices and bodies, while getting creative with our musical instruments. Here the children explored loud and quiet sounds, following instructions from the teacher and then created their own musical instrument using junk model resources.

Along with this musical sound fun, Pre-Nursery ventured beyond the classroom to discover sounds they could hear in our school. We hear children playing, the school bell, phones ringing and outside banging from some building work! This adventure helped Pre-Nursery understand more about the school they are part of as they discovered the Theatre, Music room, swimming pool and even met Mr Farrell, our Principal, in his office!


Let’s prepare for Winter Celebrations! Nursery have been learning about Winter Celebrations around the world and enjoying stories and songs about Christmas. As they expanded their vocabulary around Christmas, Nursery used their new words to talk about the experiences and share their interests in Christmas. Throughout the week Nursery have enjoyed stories about helping and caring for one another in Winter and the kind act of giving to others.

In class Nursery enjoyed making Christmas cards and attempting to write their names in cards for those that are special to them and made Christmas trees using shapes! Fun was had as the children had the chance to dress up as Santa, tackle Santa’s obstacle course to deliver presents, decorate the class Christmas tree and sing along to Christmas carols.


Reception have been working very hard this week! In Phonics we were learning the sounds: r, h and b, reading and writing words containing these sounds as well as reviewing the previous sounds that we have learnt this term. As part of our Festivals and Celebrations topic we learnt about the Diwali Festival, we read the story of Rama and Sita to understand the origins of the festival. The children enjoyed asking the mean Ravana questions and designed and made their own Rangoli Patterns and Diwali Lamps.

In Maths we learnt about prepositional language and used these new words to talk about the position for different objects; for example, the teddy is under the table. We went on preposition walk and solved a preposition puzzle, it was so much fun!

Wishing all our EYFS family’s a lovely weekend.

Miss Isla Gillespie

Head of Early Years