We have been very lucky this week to have such beautiful weather to enjoy during playtimes. It is a real pleasure to see the children running around in the sunshine happily playing with each other. The warm sunshine has also been a good opportunity to get outside during lessons too.

In Year 1 this week, the children have been showing off their writing skills as well as what they have learnt in Maths, whilst in Topic they are preparing questions to ask their parents about the toys they used to play with when they were children. Year 1 also enjoyed going on an Autumn walk in the sunshine as part of their Science studies looking at the changes around them.

Year 2 also headed outside during their Science lessons this week as they grabbed their magnifying glasses and went on a minibeast hunt. They found so many little creatures and were able to record their findings using pictographs. The children have also been exploring a range of different polygons including pentagons, hexagons and octagons in Maths and learnt how to sort shapes using Venn and Carroll diagrams.

Meanwhile, Year 3 have started exploring their new non-fiction text called 'Cleopatra'. They have been reviewing the features of non-fiction texts and non-chronological reports. They have also been learning to identify key words within the book and mind map how these relate to Cleopatra as a person. In Maths, they have been playing lots of fun games, working on problem solving and puzzles to help them practice their times tables, as well as exploring the inverse relationship between multiplication and division.

Year 4 have experimented with a variety of instruments to investigate how they could change the pitch they produced and were able to record their results in the form of labelled diagrams and observations. They now how have a very good understanding of the difference between pitch and volume. They have also continued to deepen their knowledge of column addition and subtraction by learning about missing number calculations and word problems.

At the same time Year 5 have been gaining a deeper understanding into multiplication by looking at squared and cubed numbers. They have also been tackling tricky challenges and word problems related to these. Year 5 have also continued with their Science investigations - they are currently in the middle of conducting an experiment to find out where in the classroom is the best place for evaporation to occur. We are awaiting the results on Monday when they check the beakers and share their findings.

Year 6 have also been busy this term in their Humanities lessons - they began the term covering a map reading unit in Geography and are currently working through an exploration of the Benin Kingdom in History. So far in History, they have learned about the Kings, empires and the development of the Benin Kingdom. Additionally, they undertook an investigation of the religious beliefs of the Edo and Yoruba people, their Gods and their methods of worship before creating an ‘historical artifact’ to exemplify their understanding of their animist beliefs. This was done in the form of artwork presented as a form of worship to identify the ways in which these people petitioned for help, support and safety from their Gods.

Miss Katherine Mustoe


Head of Primary