This week students and staff returned to school feeling refreshed after the holidays and have got straight back into learning and school life with great enthusiasm! Students have been busy completing assessments in English, Maths and Science to demonstrate what they already know and which areas they need more support with.

Across the school, we have been placing an extra emphasis on English and Maths learning this week. Students have been expanding their vocabulary – writing fantastic sentences in Year 1 and learning about how to evoke emotion and imagery through poetry in Year 4. Year 2 have been exploring how to write instructions with a specific focus on delicious recipes. They put their learning into action by following a recipe of their own and making sandwiches. Year 5 have been practicing improving their reading fluency and accuracy – trying to read between 90-120 words per minute!

Maths work has seen Year 2 students learning to draw and measure lines accurately. Some of you may have seen some of their chalk lines drawn on the front playground. Whilst other classes have been learning about time and adding and subtraction.

Year 4 have begun their World Leader unit and have started to explore what makes a good leader and the different leaders in our school.

The first PE blocks have also come to an end this week and the PE staff have relayed to me just how phenomenal our Year 6 cohort have been! Students have been working extremely hard throughout; 6A have been developing their knowledge and skills in basketball whilst 6B have been focusing on swimming. Our 6A students they have been working hard on improving their ball control skills as well as their passing, shooting and dribbling. Once students had improved these areas they then concentrated on more tactical issues of the game for example match fitness, team work and the rules and regulations of the game. Our 6B students have been working on entry and exit techniques into the pool such as the crouch and standing dives; water skills such as the push and glide techniques, floating positions, treading water as well as gaining confidence of being under water and worked extremely hard on the freestyle and breast stroke. Super work Year 6!

I look forward to an exciting and inspiring remainder of the Autumn term.

Katherine Mustoe

Vice-Principal and Head of Primary