It is wonderful to see our Primary children continuing to work with such determination, resilience and positivity. Even though we near our Summer holiday break the children continue to discover and learn new things as well as demonstrate their understanding of a variety of concepts.

In Year 1, the children have culminated a number weeks of immersion, rehearsal and creativity by writing their narrative retell of the traditional tale ‘Anancy and Mr Dry Bone’. In Mathematics, the children have been practicing their basic skills in addition and subtraction, making sure that they are confident in choosing and using the correct operation for the question. In Science, they have learned about the parts of plants and created a labelled collage to show these. It has also been fantastic to see the pictures of the children growing different plants at home.

Year 2 have also been writing stories – they have worked extremely hard to include a variety of noun phrases, similes and different punctuation. Their stories have also included a message about pollution and ideas on how we can recycle certain items. The children have also been building up their resilience in Maths, where they have been faced with a number of puzzles and problems that they have been asked to solve.

Year 3 have been incredibly busy making their exciting catapults and refining their individual designs! It was fantastic to see so many wonderful designs and the children enjoyed taking them home to parents on Wednesday. In English this week children have been working hard on their dictionary skills to be able to check the spellings of different words. Children enjoyed being able to spot spelling mistakes in fun sentences and then were eager and excited to be able to make the sentences correct!

Year 4 have completed their topic on Energy by exploring their carbon footprint. They created a collage showing the different ways we impact on the environment, thinking about how we can shrink our carbon footprint by reducing our use of electricity, walking and cycling instead of using a car, eating less meat, and recycling.

Year 5 pupils have also been writing stories this week - they created their characters and the setting where the story takes place. In Maths, they have reviewed multiplication and multiplying proper and mixed numbers by whole numbers. Further in PSHE, they finished their Money Matters unit, with children creating posters on the importance of budgeting.

Year 6 have been completing their English project writing about wind turbines. The classroom has been taken over with model turbines they have designed and constructed as well as reports and plans as they have tried to convince Mr Stacey that wind turbines are a good idea! In Maths they have tackled challenging Maths questions to solve different equations.

Well done to all! I hope you and your families have a lovely and peaceful weekend.

Katherine Mustoe

Head of Primary