Despite the colder, wetter weather hitting us this week, Primary have kept busy (and warm!) learning all sorts of exciting things. Read on to find out more…

Year 1 have delved even deeper into their Big Machines topic this week by creating their own instructions about how to build a junk model machine. They have enjoyed making sure they use “bossy verbs” in their writing. They are all extremely excited to be making one in the next couple of weeks. Whilst in Maths, the children have been using their own knowledge to carry out investigations about shapes and measurement.

This week in English, Year 2 began to explore the fictional story of ‘A Lion in the Meadow’ and have been using adjectives to improve their writing. In Science, the children continued to investigate habitats and explored how animals depend on each other and adapt to the environment they live in. Whilst in Geography they have been on a grand tour of Europe with Ted the Traveller and learned all about the famous sights in France!

In Year 3 the children have become experts at finding key words associated with Cleopatra and then using these to write interesting and informative paragraphs. They have also listened very closely to an extract and then drew a picture from the clues they have been given. The children have also become scientists and have begun to design their own fair test to find out what plants need.

Time has flown by in Year 4 this week, as they have learnt about converting different units of time and applying their knowledge to answer different one and two step word problems. In English, they have completed their Biographies about their chosen leaders. Year 4 have enjoyed learning interesting facts about their famous leaders and sharing these with their friends. For instance, did you know that Cleopatra could speak 9 languages and that Thomas Edison was partially deaf?

In English, Year 5 have been looking at the features of diary writing and then written their own diary entry making sure to include various multi-clause sentences as well as semi-colons, abstract nouns and when to use ‘me, myself and I’ in sentences. Whilst in Science, Year 5 have put all of their knowledge of evaporation to good use and written a persuasive letter to try to convince a leisure centre to buy hand dryers for their changing rooms.

Lastly, from a treasure hunt in the sports hall to swapping their identities for fractions, Year 6 have been having a lot of fun in Mathematics recently. So far this term, Year 6 have been studying: Place Value, addition and subtraction methods, addition and subtraction involving decimals, creating and solving equations, linear sequences, multiples, factors and primes, Highest Common Factor and Lowest Common Multiples involving prime factor trees and Venn Diagrams, multiplication and division methods and most recently comparing and ordering fractions and fractions of an amount. Quite a lot to have covered in less than a term! Two end of unit tests have already been conducted and some great progress has been seen. Year 6 deserve to give themselves a pat on the back for their hard work and effort so far!

Wishing you a relaxing weekend,

Miss Katherine Mustoe


Head of Primary