This week teachers have been holding online meetings with parents to inform you about how your child has settled into the year, how they are getting on academically and socially and informing you of what your child’s next steps in their learning are to be successful. Your support with these meetings and helping your child is very much appreciated and, which leads me to thank you for your assistance with the fancy dress day today. A lot of fun was had by all and we enjoyed seeing students and staff dressed up in their costumes!

In Art, our Year 6 are currently working on enlarged flowers based on the work of Georgia O'Keeffe. The students enlarged flowers from photos, focusing on proportion, perspective, line and shape to recreate detailed drawings. Next, the students used soft pastels and water colour to complete the paintings. Using different tones of the same colours students will attempt to create depth and dimension resulting in a more realistic outcome and a deeper understanding of shading with colour. Year 6 have taken to this with enthusiasm and perseverance. They have developed appreciation for their own art as well as that of others. The students are keen to help one another and are open to assistance from both peers and educators.

In Year 5, our students have continued with their adventure writing and been reading books about Bigfoot, The Loch Ness Monster as well as a spooky tale about a creepy canteen. Maths this week has involved the students finishing work with decimals. They deepened their understanding through lots of questioning, discussions, extension activities and challenges.

Year 4 have been poets this week and have been writing simile poems about monsters. They have also been working on their thesaurus skills to find the best adjectives to use. They have continued with their topic World Leaders and have been putting their researching and ICT skills into practice to learn about famous leaders that are still impacting on our lives today.

Mummification has been the main topic of conversation amongst our Year 3 students this week. They have learnt how the Ancient Egyptians achieved this, and then made different canopic jars using clay to store the organs in. In English they are writing the ending to their wonderful Egyptian stories about a school child who takes a pharaoh with him to school. All the teachers have been very impressed with their sentence openers and the variety of adjectives they have used.

Year 2 are investigating life processes and animals and their habitats in Science. They have also been having so much fun in their Design and Technology lessons and have begun designing their own lunch boxes. The children have been looking at reclaimed materials and thinking about which will be strong and waterproof.

Whilst in Year 1 the children have thoroughly enjoyed getting into character and showing off their acting skills by acting out the story Knuffle Bunny, along with creating fantastic freeze frames from the story. They have also been looking at halves and quarters of shapes in Maths and since they know their number bonds to ten they have moved onto learning our number bonds to 20.