It has been a joyous week here in Early Years as the Winter Concert took place. The whole Early Years Team are proud of all the children who sung their hearts out and performed brilliantly. Well done to you all!

Take a look at what has been happening in class below throughout the week:


It has been go, go, go here in Pre-Nursery this week as the children have been bringing all their learning together and collaborating as a class. We began the week as a group by sharing the experience of decorating our class Christmas tree.

The children marveled at the sparkly decorations and learnt the key word ‘bauble’ as we hung them on the tree. There was a flash of brilliance as the children decided that the Christmas had to have snow on it, and they added some fake snow from our winter small world!

After all our decorating we have enjoyed matching coloured baubles on trees, using both large paper trees, pom poms and our IWB; along with enjoying a lovely seasonal winter story.

What a fun, interactive week we have had!


Nursery have welcomed Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer into the classroom with open arms! Rudolph helped Nursery to understand that they all have differences, and these are to be celebrated!

In class Nursery have been learning the traditional songs and stories of Christmas, including the magic of Frosty the Snowman and his transformation from a snowman to a real friend! The children have explored changing states and watched as ice melts from a solid to liquid state.

The children got creative making their own Christmas wrapping paper and used their fine motor skills to wrap and enclose presents to place under the tree. They carved out Christmas ornaments in clay and exercised their literacy skills by writing their names and messages in Christmas cards.


This week the children have learnt all about the Jewish festival Hannukah. We observed how Jewish people celebrate by lighting a special candle stick called a Menorah and eat delicious food such as latkes (potato fritters), pancakes and doughnuts. We made our own Menorah in class with play doh and hand paints!

The children learnt about the special mathematical word ‘less’. We learnt that when we want to find one less than a group of objects, we need to take one away and then re-count to find how many we have left. We had fun making a Reception bus and finding out how many children were on the bus after a child got off at each stop!

We continued our phonics by learning the sounds ‘f’, ‘l’ and the double digraphs ‘ff’ and ‘ll’. The children listened to the story of the three little pigs to find words using the ‘ff’ digraph including huff and puff and we had a go at writing speech bubbles for the big bad wolf!

The children also enjoyed their first Gymnastics lesson, showing great balance and body control!

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Isla Gillespie

Head of Early Years

Winter Concert Performance from EYFS