The Year 8 native Chinese group has been studying an ancient narrative poem about Mulan 《木兰辞》, the girl who disguised herself as a boy and fought in the army. Enchanted by this old story, students took the challenge to use their creative skills to design a modern suit of armour for Mulan. They discussed ideas in groups, wrote a detailed description of the armour and then presented them to the rest of the class. We are pleased that the students have considered function, comfort and style while designing the armour and we are impressed by the writing and presentational skills as well as the creativity demonstrated. Well done!


The Year 11 have been working hard on their Science Presentation Project.

To be successful the students had to describe the manufacture of quicklime (calcium oxide) from limestone (calcium carbonate) and to explain how limestone is used in treating acidic soil and neutralising acidic industrial waste products. Well done to the students for showing great team work, creativity and presentation skills. It was pleasing to see them all present their detailed results.

Year 13 have been challenging their analytical and investigation skills by planning, conducting and evaluating their own laboratory practicals. In A2 Chemistry, they have been focused on finding orders of reaction experimentally using the thiosulphate-acid reaction. Whilst in A2 Biology, they are carrying out series of biological test on different (artificial) samples of urine to diagnose the conditions they may indicate. Students strategically analyse their practicals for any possible errors, they then alter and improve their plans when errors are indicated. It is great to see our students showing true scientific analysis skills!

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