Secondary House Quiz Competition

This week Britannica’s Secondary took part in a house quiz competition. The house that managed to answer the most questions correctly would take the honours and be crowned as Secondary Quiz champions. I am pleased to announce the result of the competition: in first place, we have Red Phoenix who will be rewarded with 20 House Points; in the second place is Green Dragon who won 15 House Points; Blue Lion is in the third place and will be given 10 House Points and at last, the Yellow Tigers will receive 5 House Points. At the end, on behalf of the Secondary student leadership team I would like to congratulate everyone for their participation and we look forward to more house competitions in the future!

Raph, Head Boy


Throughout all of Secondary, the students have been making great strides in their analytical work over the last few weeks as we approach the end of the first units of work in December. The Year 9 students have recently been investigating and analysing conditions in the trenches of World War Two alongside a deeper evaluation of the Battle of the Somme through analysis of historical evidence. The students have applied themselves excellently, demonstrated most recently in their trench diaries which outlined the many strains and issues facing soldiers stationed on the front line. Over the next few weeks, they will begin exploring the societal and political impact of World War One which will provide essential context for the beginning of the Year 10 IGCSE course. Alongside the Year 9 cohort, the other year groups have made excellent progress this year – be it the Year 7’s effectively analysing the methods used in Genghis Khan’s rise to power, the Year 8s tracking of the continued persecution of people of colour across American History, to the excellent drive and dedication shown by the Key Stage 4 students tackling complex, interrelated international crises of Europe before World War Two.

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