Year 9 are working collaboratively in teams to design and build props for the winter concert. They are practicing problem solving and thinking skills while coming up with inventive, cost effective ideas for designs with practical use such as a door and a window. The students made a mind map with some of the ideas they came up with as a group. The groups were then asked to present their ideas to the class, promoting confidence in public speaking. Each student will draft a design individually and the most practical design will be chosen. They will test different materials to find the most suitable option for this project. Once the materials are chosen the students will delegate tasks to share the workload and practice organizing themselves around a group task. Each student will be expected to research, plan and take part in the production process.


Since the beginning of term, Year 8 students have been completing a piece of transactional writing unit on 'Refugees around the World'. They concluded their unit this week with impressively detailed, complex and impassioned persuasive speeches that showed both admirable skill and empathy. Great work Year 8!