Student Leadership

This week’s assembly theme has been student leadership. Information was shared on the various leadership roles that are available to our Secondary students. We will soon be announcing our new Head Boy and Head Girl for the upcoming academic year. These are prestigious roles in the life of a school and give a great opportunity for students to hone a variety of speaking, organaisational and managerial skills. The Head Boy and Girl will be supported by a team of Prefects and together will take on a range of duties and responsibilities. The Student Council will soon be up and running. Each class will choose a representative to join the Council and will act as the voice of the student body. They will meet with representatives from across the school to raise issues that are important to them.

Secondary House Event

The Secondary School had the first of many House events this week. The PE Department ran a fantastic Rounders competition that was enjoyed by all. Well done to all of the competitors who worked hard for their House team. The House system gives our students a great opportunity to mix with others vertically across the year groups and makes for great competition. Participation levels were outstanding and there were plenty of skills on show. The winners will be announced on Monday in Form Time and a big thanks to the PE Department for organising the event.

Secondary Subject Focus – Key Stage 3 Science

The focus of Science in KS3 this week has been multidisciplinary. Year 7 have been hard at work in expanding their knowledge of different types of cells. This week’s emphasis has been on plant cells, the students have compared their structure to animal cells and the functions of organelles which are unique to plant cells. In addition to this, all the students have been continuing their work with microscopes. Each student was tasked with making their own cheek cell slide. They worked with precision and there was a noticeable improvement in how the students operated the equipment. Well done to all!

Year 8 were tasked with exploring and proving the Law of Reflection. Practical work such as this requires attention to detail and accuracy. It was great to observe how the students collaborated in their attempts to complete the task.

In Year 9 this week, we have unpacked the concept of energy stores and transformations. The students worked well individually and collaboratively to understand how different fossil fuels are produced and how coal power stations produce electrical energy. It is always inspiring to observe how students work together especially when knowledge and understanding is shared to help others learn. The week ended off with a station-based lesson where all the students were tasked with exploring where different renewable energy sources come from as well as their advantages and disadvantages.”