KS 4 & 5 Science

Year 10 have been investigating Enzymes and how certain types of enzymes digest different types of food molecules. Practical work has enabled the students to understand how different factors affect the rate of enzyme activity. It was great to watch the students demonstrate their collaborative laboratory team work. In Year 11 the students are learning about Electrolysis. They are very eager to expand their knowledge in electrochemistry. It is very inspiring to see students share their knowledge and understanding with their peers.

Year 13 have been hard at work with exploring the effect of carbon dioxide concentration on rate of photosynthesis in Biology. In Chemistry, they have been expanding their knowledge on the different colour occurrence in ligand exchange. It is very impressive to see how dedicated and disciplined Year 13 are to their studies.

A big well done to everyone, keep up the good work!

Miss Tsang

KS 4 & 5 Science

Year 8 Business – Lemonade Stand Enterprise Competition

Two Year 8 teams will be competing next week in an enterprise scheme to make lemonade products. Students have created plans to help their small venture keep track of their business details. This includes naming their lemonade stand, calculating the start-up and recurring costs, resourcing the project, nominating their student CEO as well as projecting income, working hours and how profit will be spent e.g. donating a proportion of it to charity. The students have studied important concepts such as revenue, costs, breaking-even and reinvesting profits back into the business. We look forward to seeing them flourish!

If secondary students could please bring in “Cash” next week for purchasing the products during lunchtime, this would be wonderful.

Mr O’Brien

Leader of Business and Economics