A warm welcome back to all our EYFS families and students after the Winter break. It has been wonderful to walk around the department and see so many confident children as they have matured over the break. This term we welcome new families and children to EYFS who have settled in with ease. While visiting classes over the last week it was unbelievable to see how quickly our new friends have got into the swing of the Britannica routines and life.

As we move into the new term each year group have begun new topics that stimulate the mind, expand language and develop those core skills that are key to early child learning. Reception are looking at a key child favourite of ‘Dinosaurs’, Pre-Nursery are getting noisy down on the Farm, while Nursery are promoting the love of storytelling through the topic Traditional Tales.

This Spring in EYFS there is so much happening, from engaging new topics, Chinese New Year celebrations, field trips and much, much more. Do keep your eye out on key events happening so you can get involved as part of our Britannica EYFS community.

Today all parents will be receiving a letter about our up and coming parents evening meetings on Wednesday, 12th February and Thursday, 13th February. These meetings are an excellent way for you to learn more about your child’s progress over the year so please do ensure you complete the form so that teachers can allocate meeting times with you.

We look forward to another term of inactive, stimulating learning. Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you at the Dragon Dance on Monday morning at 8.30 am on the school field.

Isla Gillespie
Head of Early Years