This week children and teachers across Primary have been busy using Seesaw as their E-learning platform, ensuring that high-quality teaching and learning continues.

We have been very impressed to see some wonderful learning taking place. The children have been responding well to the videos, quizzes, activities and to their teacher’s comments as well as each other’s work.

Please see below for a little more insight into what has been happening in each virtual classroom:

Year 1 children have been busy measuring the weights of different objects around their homes, as well as making their own sensational salads and building a setting for the 3 bears.

In Year 2 children have continued to learn about the weather; understanding what a weather forecast is and sorting weather sentences into correct tenses. They have also been solving money word problems as part of their Maths learning.

Year 3 have been learning more about the Stone Age, in particular creating their own cave drawings and ordering events in chronological order. The children have also been further developing their times table knowledge, telling the time and describing angles in terms of direction.

Year 4 have been learning about area and perimeter using interactive tools as well as Lego blocks. They have also been discovering new information about the Ancient Greeks, including drawing their own vases.

Year 5 have been very busy planning and writing their own diary entries from the perspective of Tim Peake as he boards the International Space Station. They have also developed their knowledge of adding and subtracting decimals.

Year 6 have been hard at work answering a range of very challenging fraction problems and classifying animals based on its characteristics. They have also answered comprehension questions and begun writing short blog posts about their holiday, making sure that they use informal language features.

Well done to all our children, for keeping your learning going, using the online learning resources. Thank you also to parents for supporting your children with accessing the material.

Ms Mustoe
Head of Primary