Children and teachers across our Primary phase have continued to positively embrace various E-learning tasks and activities this week.

This week lessons have been further developed by our teachers to enable the children to access the work more confidently and empowering them to complete their learning so it feels like they are back in the classroom. Our teachers have been busy preparing a range of exciting tasks and activities as well as making more videos as part of the lesson input.

Children across all year groups have been able to watch and listen to lots more videos from their teachers explaining what their task is. Children have also become more confident to upload their work in a variety of forms, such as directly onto the template the teachers have given them, printing their work as well as uploading photos and videos of themselves. Teachers are also able to give written or recorded spoken feedback to the children about their learning and it is especially pleasing when we get responses from the children in return, so please do make sure your child checks back on the work they have uploaded. It is a pleasure to see the children continue to work hard, challenge themselves and support each other with their E-learning.

Collaboration is one of our key foci in our mission and vision and has been demonstrated tenfold with how staff are communicating and collaborating with each other using technology and often over different time zones in order to plan the children’s lessons and ensure the children are still learning the objectives for this term. Of course, collaboration also involves our parents partnerships too, so we thank parents for supporting their child’s E-learning. Please do contact your child’s form teacher if you have any questions or feedback – it has been very rewarding to hear the positive feedback from many of you, and I thank you for this.

Continued good health and best wishes to you all,

Ms Mustoe
Head of Primary