Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Spring Term at Britannica. We especially welcome all our new parents who have joined our Britannica community this spring.

With only a short three weeks before the start of the Spring Festival holiday, students have started their new term’s work with vigour and enthusiasm. Teachers are refreshed after their Christmas holiday, and have many exciting plans in place for the education of your children. Our first newsletter of the term will be published this Friday, when we will update you on developments and calendar events ahead.

The start of the new calendar year is often one where individuals take time to reflect, and plan new resolutions and change for personal and professional growth. Our staff will have done that, and as a school we will be looking back on past successes and experiences and reflecting on feedback such as our recent Parent and Staff surveys to plan ahead for further improvement this year. May I therefore, again, take this opportunity to thank the parents who completed our annual survey to provide this feedback. I am now in the process of fully analysing the survey results, which generally appear overwhelmingly positive on initial review. I will though be seeking patterns of comments that may help us identify common thoughts among parents on what further provision they might want to see in the future, or areas of improvement. A full report on the survey results will be shared with all parents as soon as this is completed, which will be by Chinese New Year.

The weather in Shanghai continues to be in flux, which never bodes well for the spread of viruses and illness. We continue to request that parents remain sensitive in sending their child to school if they appear unwell, so that we can contain the spread of illness. We will continue to monitor the children closely our end.

This term there will be opportunities for all parents to meet with their child’s Form Teacher and specialist teachers to have a personal update and a chance to talk about their child’s progression. An End of Term ‘Tutor’s Report’ will also be sent home in March. During the term there will be plenty of other opportunities for you to come into school to join us with activities, which will help you gain further understanding of the learning taking place in your child’s classroom. We will also continue to send out regular WeChat, Instagram, Newsletter and email posts to keep you updated. We also expect our Regional Head of School, from Orbital Head Office, to make a visit to us this term, and we will ensure that we provide an opportunity for parents to meet with him. Friends of Britannica will also meet later in term, through whom you can provide us questions or express concerns for SLT to consider. I will also make arrangements to have a further round of Afternoon Teas with each nationality community of parents.

Finally, may I wish all our students the very best in their continued studies and enjoyment of their time in school.


David Goodwin