It has been a fun filled and busy week in the EYFS at Britannica as all of the children have further settled into their class routines. It has been wonderful to see the enthusiasm of all the children within our Early Years as they approach their learning.

As the children have now settled into EYFS, next week each year group will begin their first topic of the year. Pre-Nursery will explore ‘Brown, Bear, Brown Bear’ by Eric Carle. Nursery will be learning about ‘People Who Help Us’, and Reception will be going ‘All around the World.’

This week in Pre -Nursery we have continued to support the children joining in with our daily routine. We have been learning about our daily behaviour expectations and encouraging children to join into our English and Mandarin carpet sessions. We have played turn taking games and supported the children’s attention and listening skills with songs and instruments.

In Nursery the children have had lots of fun learning the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears.’ The children joined into different parts of the story as we acted it out using masks. The children also enjoyed helping to measure out porridge for the bears, using Mathematical language such as small, medium and large. We also decorated our own porridge bowls using repeated patterns and used natural materials to make a bear!

We have also developed our fine motor skills by taking part in activities such as threading and weaving as well as using different pens to make marks. Nursery Class enjoyed singing along with action songs, it was lots of fun!

In Reception this week children learned all about ‘The Rainbow Fish’ story. The children enjoyed tracing underwater sea animals, supporting the development of their fine-motor skills. They then worked in groups to place story cards in sequence and retold the story. We also acted out the story during carpet time.

During our Maths lessons the children participated in a variety of Maths games such as making patterns with shapes, rubber bands and beads. We also completed maths puzzles, created our own number lines and played games to enhance our understanding of numbers and quantities.

Our introduction topic has been ‘All About Me’. The children learned about the parts of the body and did a co-ordinated dance to ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’. As a combined class project, each child labelled their life-sized body cut-out, which will be on display in the EYFS corridor!