It has been another busy week in EYFS. This week we have begun preparations for our Winter Concert alongside our busy learning in class. The children are already very excited to share their songs with you.

On Monday 13th December the whole of EYFS will be performing their Winter Concert in school. We look forward to welcoming you into school and sharing the efforts of the children with you at the end of term.

Please take a look at the exciting learning that has taken place in our EYFS this week:

This week in Pre-Nursery we have been using our listening ears to explore our sense of sound. We have listened to firework sounds and used our bodies to make different noises. The children have had opportunities to make glittery firework pictures, create a sound shaker and move like a firework, whilst also exploring musical instrument sounds both indoors and outdoors. Along with this we explored the wider school community whilst on a listening walk, finding what sounds we could hear around the school while identifying new places within our school environment.

This week we had a fun filled and busy week in Nursery. The children enjoyed learning about the festival of Diwali, looking at traditional customs of the festival and talking about these. The children made Diwali cards for a friend and used a selection of materials to make their own very impressive firework pictures and Diwali lamps. The focus of our Maths this week was shape and we talked about the properties of 2D shapes and used shapes to make our own Rangoli patterns and shape patterns using 2D shapes and stamps. The children also enjoyed taking part in their first swimming class this week where they explored the water at their own level.

We continued our learning in the spirit of Thanksgiving this week. We introduced the children to this festivity and its customs as a way to talk about what we are all thankful for in our lives. The children enjoyed listening and retelling the Thanksgiving story and creating their very own turkey crafts.
Throughout this week in Phonics, we have learnt the letters ‘r’, ‘h’ and ‘b’ and continued practicing reading and writing simple words. During English, we read the Thanksgiving story and had them make their own turkeys, displaying what they are thankful for.
In Maths, we learnt the word ‘preposition’ and had lots of fun placing items in different locations around the classroom and identifying its position. We worked as a class to read clues and find where the treasure was located.